Shipping the org chart

Out of the box, there are two email apps, two music services, two photo-viewing apps, two messaging apps, and, except on Verizon, two browsers and dueling wireless payment services. (Samsung says Verizon barred including Samsung’s browser and Samsung Pay out of the box.) And Verizon builds in a third messaging app.

The setup process also guided me to using Verizon’s messaging app rather than Samsung’s and a Verizon backup service. It even warned me I might lose important stuff if I didn’t sign up for the Verizon service.

Organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

The law is based on the reasoning that in order for a software module to function, multiple authors must communicate frequently with each other. Therefore, the software interfaces structure of a system will reflect the social boundaries of the organization(s) that produced it, across which communication is more difficult.

“Building social capital makes organizations more productive and creative because high levels of trust create a climate of safety and honesty.”

“In organizations with high degrees of social capital, conflict, debate and discussion are the means by which it gets better.”

“Helpful teams of people accelerate the sharing of knowledge and expertise; they don’t let one another stay stuck or confused; they try to prevent problems before they arise and they won’t let colleagues become isolated or cut off.”

“Trust, helpfulness, practice and courage become the simple renewables that power our working lives.”



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